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Thread: Difference

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    I have been using dvd shrink for about 4 weeks. It's definitely the best dvd-program out there.

    I have a gripe.

    what is the difference between copying the whole-dvd and just movie only.

    i've down both and thier both pratically the same quality.

    can you guys tell me the difference?

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    if i am understanding you correctly, when you copy the whole DVD you also get all the special menus and scene selections and so on. When you just copy the movie all you get is the actual video part of the DVD.

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    when you copy all the extra's ect and menu,s , the bitrate of the main movie will be lower

    when you copy the main movie only , eg do it by re-author, you get the least compresion on the movie, so the quaility will be better

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    yep do re author and also deselect other languages as english and only choose your language sub


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