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Thread: I Need Some Advice........

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    Ok, I just had a baby, and I purchased a webcam to set up in her room. But the software it came with does not help me for what I want to do...

    The software it came with is: arcsoft photo/video impression.

    What I would like to do i ENTERNALY moniter my baby (24-7) and record frames, not video.

    So im looking for software (free or shared) that acts like a Security Cam so I can monitor my child.


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    works great - you just have to put the settings right.

    If there aint no paasword or crack -
    on the version i have - the program puts a logo on all videos (if you record)
    get a hexeditor- eg.exescope- goto resourve-bitmaps
    export the bitmap which is the "watermark"logo-edit the bitmap to one pxl or same colour as background
    import bitmap


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