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Thread: Dvd X Copy Platinum - Full Install & Keygen V3.2.1

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    I am using XCOPy to copy DVDs

    I copied 3 DVDs without a problem.

    When I started the program to read the 4th, it tried to go to the internet.
    I did not let it get past the firewall. (e
    thought maybe this wasnt a good idea)

    Now, it reads the DVD but gets an error 'error writing DVD' or something
    like that consistently.
    It is not the media as I then used the same blank DVD to perform a backup
    of 3 gigs of data with no problem.
    It is not the source DVD as I tried copying one again that I copied earlier
    without a problem.

    name of fileVD X Copy Platinum - Full Install & KeyGen v3.2.1.0

    Emule Plus 1.1a

    Click Here


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    man dvd x copy is a pain in the arse , it plays up for me all the time

    thats why i now use dvd srink, it works every time and its quicker than x copy as well

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    DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink are better, smaller, faster, and free. Don't risk anything when you can do a better job for free. Not to mention that the new version of DVDXCopy has been forced to remove the part of their program that decrypts DVDs....

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    DVD Shrink................ Burn with Nero.


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