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Thread: Help With Movies

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    Does anyone know what causes the audio to get off track during a movie? (Mouths move before the voices come out) Is there any way to fix this or is the download doomed? Would this same result happen if I were to download the same file? Thank you o' knowledgeable ones. B)

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    I never get this prob m8 or rarly.Try a few other players n give your pc a clean defrag.Turn off or close un-need apps.

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    try playing the file with videolan and see if it still lags

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    it might be the file or maybe your inviroment on your pc.

    use video dub to syc the video and audio if you need to

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    thnx for the help, where can I get the video dub to sync the audio and video?

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    Unless you are trying to play the movie on an old (slow) PC or have multiple apps running while you play it is almost certainly a fault in the original file.

    For all movie tools try here

    VirtualDub>Audio>Interleaving>Audio Skew Correction will help resolve this if it is a constant throughout the movie. As a rough guide one frame is approx 500 milliseconds of audio.

    If the movie plays ok and then goes off you have a fault in the file and need to split it then apply skew correction to the bad part (use NanDub to rejoin the parts).

    You are stiffed if some "genius" (me a year ago) has re-encoded a movie with VBR audio using a CBR device. The only solution here is to find the movie with the original VBR audio (probably encoded in Divx 3.11 low motion).
    When all else fails - read the instructions!!!

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    The fastest way to fix it is by using the matrix mixer or the ac3 filter. Go to the system tab and move the slider until its in sync. If its more then a 0.5 sec difference, input a time in the box below (in milliseconds).

    Note: this is only a temporary fix. if you want the change to be permanent use the methods posted above.

    Also note: this will move all of the audio. if the audio is in sync at the beginning of the movie then gets out of sync then i can't help you


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