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Thread: Lightwave 7.5

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    Hi, ppl,

    I need a copy of Lightwave 7.5 really urgently...I've found version 7 but it doesn't have the objects that I need for a course I'm doing...only 7.5 has...can anyone help with this...I've searched the forum, but in my frenzy can't see what I'm looking for!!!




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    Its available on ed2k (emule etc)

    sharereactor verified link

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    Hi, thank you soooo to try downloading it now...

    thanks again,


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    Hi, there

    I've tried without any success to use the link you gave me...the three files are listed i.e. the .bin, the .cue and the .nfo...but I can't get the download to I need some special piece of software...I use Kazaa but do I need something else?

    am I just being dense? That's a rhetorial question...:-)


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    That link is for emule or overnet lite , doesn't work with Kazaa , for Bin , Cue info go HERE

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    Originally posted by Gatechick@21 April 2004 - 12:16 I need some special piece of software...I use Kazaa but do I need something else?
    yes as Sharedholder says you would need to use another type of filesharing software for this to work

    see here

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    thanks, guys,

    off to try that's hoping...soooooo stressful!!!!


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    Yeah, success!!!! Many, many, many thanks...this is now currently downloading and I can now practice my University assignment...I owe you guys...


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