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Thread: Weird Startup Message As A Prank

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    Found this, thought it amusing


    I work in my Uni's IT department. One of the staff workers asked us to fix her PC. She said that while she was away, some xtudent fiddled around with her PC.

    You know the usual WinXP booting screen ya? The one that says "Loading WinXP" and then says "welcome".. Well, after that screen, it shows a large windowed Message which says "hahaha... dumb woman... dont try to fix this problem... gimme 100 bux and I'll do it for you"
    And then you have to press "Ok"... its just like a normal error window.

    Too bad he didnt leave his contact info

    heh, well, can anyone guess what this Student might have done and how to fix it?"

    TeenHak of the Year

    anyway heres the fix -

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    in your dreams
    did ya get rid of it without a prob?


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