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Thread: Eh So Exactly.... Extracting...

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    okay i dled windows xp in a iso format... using isobuster to extract it out... but it comes in three files...

    i extraceted the BOOTUP FOLDER*

    and then theres a button




    which one do i extract so i can place it into a CD .... so it looks like original cd in a way... err

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    Don't extract it at all. Just burn the CD directly from the image. The CD will then be bootable.
    As to how to do that, It depends on the burning software you use. Roxio Easy CD is very simple just insert a blank CDR and double click in the ISO file. Easy CD Creator automaticly starts and just press the burn button. You can do it with Nero too but I never did it that way. Maybe someone else could add that information to this thread.


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