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Thread: Help Me Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeze (newbie)

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    The topic says it all and i,m beginning to think i,m out of my league but surely theres an easy way to put my downloaded movie onto a dvd-r, i have a dvdrewriter +/- . I,ve visited various sites downloaded various softwares, and im still scratching my head. I realise most of the avis, mpegs? xvid ,divx, movies need to be converted, i think to vob,bup, ifo ? to create the dvdr. and i have tried but my patience went i think as soon as i started trying things with no luck.
    If anyone can HELP who actually has patience who can give me a step by step in LAMENS terms in the simplest way without using too many softwares, then read on with laughable interest. the only reason i want to do this is it takes up all my harddrive and i can view the films on my dvd player on tv

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    Heres a guide, not made by me thogh

    plz check pinned topics

    DVD to DVD-R

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    I think you gotta think about this a little more, it depends on what u want.
    if ya gonna conver every avi or divx or vcd or whatever to dvd your gonna go through a lot of dvdrs. this is crazy,

    personally I i wanna put a film onto dvdr i either d/l a dvd film or rip a rental, i never convert crap to bigger sized crap as its not worth it.

    I think that u have the same problem that a lot of us have,

    i wanna watch this in my living room.................

    and of course all that is down there is the dvd player,

    best bet is that unless you can connect ya PC to ya tv then i would strongly recommend buying a Divx player. just try a search with amazon

    then of coutrse u can stick a few 700mb movices onto one dvd, stick it in the player and selected the file u wanna play, they are so cheap too and till save u money in the long run as u wont be wasting dvdrs

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    where im from we dont think about it we pull it


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