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Thread: Real/qt Alternative

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    I use alot of freeware & discounted software, in most cases it is well selected and problem free apart from RealOne and QT which I would love to trash in favour of the superiour Real/Quicktime Alternative as many don't like ads etc., however, we are audited often and I need to cover my rear-end if anyone asks me about this software I just installed.

    To get to the point, is there any part of this software that breaks any laws? (copyright or otherwise)

    I've looked at the details of a few files included and they show up as Copyright RealNetworks, Inc. 1995-2004. I don't know if these are hacked versions of real's original files or whether they show up this way for compatability.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated,


    I'm sorry to be a one post wonder. (actually, I'm quite interested in beta testing future versions of these products so maybe I'll stick around)
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    Well from what I see nothing is really "hacked" but simply repackage freeware. Most people won’t see this as infringing on any copyrights really.

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    Can you tell us what school you work in?


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