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Thread: Subtitles

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    iv downloaded a movie and basically there are some translation subtitles 4 a few secs of the movie

    is there anyway i can create my own subs and put them on the movie

    or just how i could add words to appear at certain parts of the movie


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    check out a .srt file

    open it and check how it is build up,
    you can remove all lines and add your own and also add/edit the time when the sub needs to be shown and fade out again.

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    sorry but i dont understand any of that

    thanks anyway

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    Originally posted by BC-UK Will Live@21 April 2004 - 21:58
    sorry but i dont understand any of that

    thanks anyway

    -you open a .sft sub with notepad,
    -see how it works
    -remove all except a few (depends how many lined you want)
    -add your lines (replace them)
    -edit the time they need to show up

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    the actual subtitle file. open it with notepad/anything you prefer and youll see all the actual lines of dialogue and the times. you can then add/change/remove them as you want. you can also change the timing of them as IKE said.

    the subtitle file should be the same title as your movie but ending in .srt or sometimes .sub (ie '

    hope that helps
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    Yeah subs are a bitch, but I figured out an easy way to add them.
    First download SubRip, Then go to this website and just search for your sub. Usually u can find certain subs that say only translated parts.
    Add the downloaded file to the same folder as your movie and rename the sub file to the exact name of the movie.

    I use Windows Media player to watch the movie because I can&#39; t get the subs to work on other players. In Windoes Media you have to turn on captions, go to view--&#62;now playing tools --&#62; select caption. When the movie is started you should see a green arrow in the taskbar, this tells you that SubRip is working and has synced the subs with movie.


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