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Thread: Outlook Express

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    I can't seem to get my Folders from Outlook Express on my old computer into Outlook Express on my new computer. Can anyone help me with this. I can't get free support from MS because I bought the computer preloaded with software and the store where I bought it won't support this either.

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    The folders are stored within .dbx files

    You can find them by right clicking the folders within Outlook Express by going to properties and it will show you the stored directory.

    Never done this before but I assume you can just copy and past the .dbx files under a similar folder on the new machine.

    Or use the Microsoft Knowledge Database if that dont work.

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    Don't use Lookout Express. Thunderbird is much better and easier to use, not to mention more safe.

    The name's cooler too.

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    coppy all the outlook express files from ur old pc and load them in to ur new pc


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