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Thread: Got One For Ya

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    ok, this movie was aulstrailian i think, it was about a family that partied all the time and had trouble with thier kids. it had an inner meaning , and a moral , and was very entertaining, from what i can remember, one of the stars(the dad) played in 'ATTACK OF THE CLONES' as bubba-fets dad. and he also played in the new matrix , i believe.
    It was an excellent movie that never got much recognition, but stuck with my wife and I as one of our favorites. Its been years since weve seen it.

    MORE DETAILS..... i remember that their daughter kept a journal and was raped by her uncle. and at the end of the movie, the girl hung herself in a tree in the backyard. Her mom found the journal and read it, and went to the bar where her dad was drinking with the same uncle , and showed him the journal and her dad beat the hell out of him and killed him with a broken beer bottle.
    good luck

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    sorry bout this i must have clicked 'new topic' instead of 'new reply' for LOST AND FOUND... but if you know it let me know.

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    i believe the movie was called Once We're Soldiers or something like that.

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    well i was close anyways

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    what do I put here? BT Rep: +10BT Rep +10
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    and btw NOT Australian it's new Zealand

    We are not teh same country as New Zealand!!!

    Just liek Russell Crowe is New Zealand not Australian


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