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Thread: Mbrpg

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    Name: Alakron
    Sex: Male
    Race: Dark Elf
    Weapon: Swallow (a hilt with broad-swords coming out of both ends)
    Class: Necromancer (I can summon dead guys)

    Ok, this may sound stupid at first, but give me a second to explain. Just make up a character, you don't have to make a profile, you could just say "I am the great wizard, fhqwgads..." then you name some kind of attack, like "I cast fireball" and then I say something like "I block your fireball with my swallow, and summon undead wolf or something" then you say "i throw a bone to distract your wolf and cast yada yada yada" then things get all crazy, then more people join and start a free for all (or teams if you wish), and you get the messege. The only rules are, if you can't think of a creative way to survive an attack, just anounce defeat and create a new character if you want to keep playing. You absolutely CANNOT anounce your opponents defeat, or say "I kill you with..." That about covers it. Trust me, this is fun. So who dares to challenge me?

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