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Thread: Unsuccessful Download Requests.

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    I have just read Croths post on More Sources Needed and have a similar problem.

    I am returning to the forum, after a time away, in search of advice.

    For some time now I have been chasing the same two users all over Canada with KaZuperNodes. Using K-Dat I have their IP number and KaZuperNodes shows that they are in Canada.

    I have found them in the Search field when searching for a particular genre of music. Clicked on a title and then found it transferred to Traffic.

    In fact with one of them I have clicked on a title and then on the button "Search for more files from this user". Up popped all his shared files. I selected about 10 of them to download.

    None of the files from either user seem to actually download. I can supernode hop all I want, but all I get is the alias popping up for a second, an attempt to connect. Some titles will show Remotely Queued others More Sources Needed. Otherwise just Searching. and there it stops. No actual downloads from these two. I have left my PC on 24/7 with little success. I have cable broadband, by the way.

    I have tried to sent messages to these users. One does not receive them the other does (no returned "error" notice) but does not reply.

    Can anyone give any advice as to why this is? Any explanation? :helpsmile:

    They are the only ones that Search finds with the genre I am looking for. It finds these two users time after time. It is getting very frustrating. Thank you.

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    sounds like they are just not on line 24/7, and when they are theres just too many people after those files, you'll prolly find them eventually when more people start sharing them , you could maybe try some other clients if it's something you really really want

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    Thank you tensegg for a prompt response.
    Maybe... but then I would expect to see more of the little +'s when I try a repeat search for one of the selected artists. These do not come up.

    I have tried a search in audio under artist, or everything and even one of the words one of these users uses as a title. Whatever combination I think of it is usually these two that appear most often. There are a few others, but downloads tried from them are so painfully slow as to be not worth it, and keep disconnecting or do not materialise either due to the bandwidth..

    I have got to know which bandwidths will produce a successful download and which not..

    It seems I can wait till the cows come home! I am not hopeful.


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