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Thread: Anybody Know Of Player

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    I am looking for a player that can slow down and adjust the speed of the played mp3. I currently discovered a very neat feature in BS player when watching movies -- that u can adjust the play rate and can play video files very slowly (literary slow motion). So I was wondering if there is an audio player that can do that. I dont think foobar, winamp or any other .. that I can think of right now have that feature.

    ANyone can help me with that?


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    There's a plugin for winamp called Chronotron that does that. Just search google.

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    any of the dj style sofwares can pitch control

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    Thanks a lot guys.

    I actually find exaclty what I needed -- PaceMaker -- a winamp plug in that does the trick. tried the Chronotron, but it messes up the sound of songs and it was not free.

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    I can recommend Sony Soundforge 7,0. It's not free though...just like all of us bought the Microsoft Software on our can save the mp3's at any speed you should want and it autocorrects the pitch..I take a lot of audiobooks and listen to them at doublespeed


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