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Thread: Spybot-s&d

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    Oct 2003
    ok today I d/led SpyBot-S&D and I ran it it found 207 spyware/adware files,registry,and exe files so i deleted everything except 6 files that couldn't delete fo some reason.

    And than about an hour later i got disconnected from AIM,K-Lite, and I couldn't visit a website. And my Norton Internet Security was Enabled.
    And then when I Disable Norton Internet Security I can connect to aim,k-lite, and visit a website.

    WTF is the Problem??? :helpsmile:

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    Renistall N I S ? Spybot is a good free program I\v never had that problem. Why could'nt you delete some spyware? ( except 6 files)

    Edit: have you updated your version ? Spybot I mean.

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    Never heard of that happening before....

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    the files it couldnt delete , did it ask you if you wanted spybot to run a check at next start up

    if so did you restart and let it do it

    the reason most ppl bitch about spybot is the fact that they wait so long before using it , shit man 200 odd spyware files , maybe you should maintain you comp a little more

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    delphin460 is correct. This is NOT the fault of SSD. It IS the fault of the op.

    I've worked on peoples computers that had over 150 pieces of spyware. And as d460 says SSD needs to reboot the sys. On the 1 sys I'm refering to the SSD rehab part took over 45 minutes including reboots.

    Now if you want to talk about other problems I found on that puter. I found over 1000 registry & other problems. In total I spent 8-10 hrs returning that machine from a limping spyware infested pos into a screaming lean machine. Course this includes multi-leveled protection with updates from dialup.

    SSD is the best!


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