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Thread: Windows Media Player 10 Revealed

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    Windows Media Player 10 Revealed

    We've managed to snag an early copy of WMP10 for Windows XP. There are various new features with WMP10 including the following:

    New Skins

    Photo Devices Support

    Schedule media description updates

    The UI is slightly different from WMP9 and it looks a little cleaner. The build is listed as but the installer says Windows Media Player 10 so we're assuming it's at a really early stage. We're still playing with the build so if we notice anything new we'll update the post. For those interested WMP10 is part of the Windows Media Center Edition 2004 Update beta (MCE 2005) that has been shipped to Media Center testers this week. Screenshots below.

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    Screenshots already removed.
    M$ has a great influence.

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    They just keep adding more and more useless crap to it. I still like version 6.4 the best - just a plain and simple video player, that&#39;s all I need.


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