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Thread: Good Files To Share But Where?

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    i have sme good files to share but wheredo i do it

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    Well what type of files are they?and theres TONS of places you can share them,just read around on the board and let sumting

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    in my opinion the best p2p app for releasing files is eDonkey2000 command line client (v52) or eDonkey/overnet v52 with a read only, zero bite contact.dat (so it wont connect to overnet)

    heres why:
    if you dont connect to overnet, it uses less bandwidth once connected since you upload your list to a server and then youre done.

    you can configure upload bandwidth to within one hundredth of a KB

    it automaticlly figures what files are least distributed on the network and uploads them with higher priorty. plus you can set priorty manually.

    99.9% of the users on ed2k share their partials

    all uploads are error checked on thier end, no wasted bandwith spreading corrupted chunks.

    your mileage may vary


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