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Thread: Messed Up Downloading File / Overnet

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    Maybe this is a stupid newbie question, but...

    in Overnet I goto Search, and search, say for a game ending.Sharereactor. I start Dlin' it and after a while I click the little '+' to see how many users I'm trying to get from and bout 3/4's of the users show the file as something different, like "Bustyblondes.mpg". What is up with that? Does that mean if I DL it it'll be a corrupt wack of crap?

    Also, I don't DL much except software so why in my protowall do I occassionally see DoD ??


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    lol......just because it has sharereactor in it doesnt mean its not a fake. Even if it is a fake, just enjoy it lol.

    Use verified ed2k links. Check this forums ed2k FAQ.

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    when you click on the + sign, what you are really d/l is what you see listed, so the game you think you were going to get is really 'busty blondes'. try bitorrent, you might find the game on suprnova, its very rare to find anything fake from there

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    thats because its very rare to get anything downloaded from there.

    And the + thing is not always the case.


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