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Thread: Welcome - Windows Media License Migration Service

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    So what is this?

    Downloaded a sound file, tried to play it, :music1: and then got directed to this site:

    The text reads, in part:
    Welcome to Windows Media Personal License Migration Service.
    You have reached this page because you are attempting to do one of the following with content that was copied from CDs:

    Restore the content on a computer or operating system that has been upgraded, or
    Use existing content on another one of your computers.

    <blah blah blah, snip>

    Any unauthorized use of the content may be a violation of the law, including U.S. and international copyright laws, and may subject you to civil and criminal prosecution.
    Have I now identified my I.P. address to Microsoft as one that is trying to steal this file? Why am I getting this suddenly -- are they planting bogus files here to trap me? Did this happen because I just accepted big brother on to my computer by accepting one of those XP "critical updates?"

    If this is already discussed in depth somewhere, please refer me. I can&#39;t find it doing a search.


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    OK, OK. :confused:

    My Microsoft paranoia hackles are starting to lower. Apparently some bozo posted a .wma file that is DRM protected. Here is one thread of others that talk about this, and so apparently this has been around for a while:

    So if I just filter out wma&#39;s again this will go away (lost my filters a while back when got new machine). Although I did find posts that suggested ways of getting around this and still using the file, I can&#39;t figure out how to do it, maybe that was just idle speculation. I&#39;m still glad I posted, because maybe now if someone else does a search they will find this post if nothing else.

    But -- still -- can Microsoft hand off my IP now to one of these piracy hounds -- or am I being too damn paranoid about all of this?

    Also, related, if I reboot my DSL connection can I get a new IP address? Someone told me this is possible who is semi-technical but in a semi-technically vague way so I couldn&#39;t figure out how to do it.



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