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Thread: Which Is Safer Mirc Bittorrent, Or Kazaa Lite...

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    and whats the pros and cons of each

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    everytime is ee one of these i wnat to make a guide , everyday there seems to be one of these type things

    kazaa lite is worst safest

    next dangerous is BT, if you wanna be safe join fasttracker

    then maybe irc or newgroups, i dont know, but these are the best if you want the files first, usually newsgroups are the first but in no time itll be in irc

    and this is not tips, if you had the answers to these questions, then itd be in tips =/

    edit: ahh yes the pros and cons, forgot that part


    files get here pretty quick, not as fast as irc or NG though

    pros: you can dl and ul at the same time, so files spead quicker :thumbup:

    i get fast dl speed


    dling off of public, and popular sites, such as suprnova and popular forum-based ones, such as DU or hawkies may get you caught, but not as much as supr

    sometimes files may not have seeds (or ppl uploading for the common n00b)


    PROS: files get there almost as soon as they hit NG

    fast dls, mostly becasue ppl on 00ber fast edu lines are uling

    large and i mean LARGE selection of files

    CONS: soemtimes the bot uling to you may go offline, and if resume isnt supported, then you have to start over

    if your internet goes off, and resume isnt supported, you ahve to start over

    if your on 56k or have slow dl, then the bots may kick you because you ahve not reached minimum speed


    dont know much about these but these are supposedly really great :thumbup:

    PROS: files get there first, faster than IRC in most cases

    fast speeds, most ppl max out on NG

    if you have some rar files, then you can select which rars you dont have so you dont have to dl all over again


    you hvae to dl rars one by one, some may not consider that a con

    most news servers, other than your isp one, you ahve to pay for, and you apy by the gig in most cases, maybe 10 pounds for 25 gigs

    only new files are on here, files more than say 14 days old get deleted


    pros: theres pros to klite? hmm

    you can dl one mp3 at a time if you like songs

    you can share a folder, not your whole computer

    lots of users and files


    lots of fake files

    riaa can catch you in a second

    can rarely find dvdrips, mostly theres cams or TS

    cant dl a whole album

    kazaa media desktop has spyware

    most of the time when you dl a file, the person(s) are offline so your stuck at "searching for peers" (or whatever it says, havent used klite on ages)

    edit2: forgot klit

    well i hope this helped out m8

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    what teh feck, no ones moved this?

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