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Thread: I've Got An Idea!

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    In all the files we share what if we changed the Artist name to some thing like "" , it would publicise kl, it would also be like a tick of approval that this file was what it said it was, although some may copy this and use it on fakes.
    And the best thing of it would still allow us connect to the other users as the filename ect would still be the same.

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    It wouldn't really be effective. Verifieds are better and we recieve enough advertisment as it is.

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    You just shot him down lol
    Popularity is still growing though B)

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    Originally posted by Shinigami@13 March 2003 - 22:06
    You just shot him down lol
    Popularity is still growing though B)
    I was just pointing out the facts.

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    yea, k-lite already uses the defualt s/n to publicise.

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    I'd put it in comments if you want to advertise, instead of the artists name, unless you wan't your playlists to always read that way. Also searching would be harder if every artist was h**p://


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    we could jus put the sites address in the description of the files.. alot easier
    ice ice baby


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