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Thread: F1- Predictions For The Weekend Race

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    whats ur predictions for this weekend?

    it may be obvious whos gonna come hope;

    heres mine.

    1.M Schumacher (i wonder what the odds on M Schu winning?)
    2.R Barrichelo
    3.F Alonso
    4.J Montoya
    5.k Raikonnen
    6.J Button

    can't be bothered to do the rest. gotta rush.
    we're gonna have to wait to see!!
    I always tell the truth. Even when I lie.

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    Well Shumacher did it again, must say it's starting to be boring this way

    Although the race was pretty nice, loved the way how Alonso made room for his car by bumping Ralph out of the way
    Also the BAR are running smooth, didn't expect that at the start of the season.

    Also still can't imagine how it comes that the McLaren runs this bad, i guess montaya is starting to worry for next season :

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    i agree with u, it does get a bit boring to see m schumacher just cruisin around not even racing. i wanted button to stay in front till near the end and then for schumacher to overtake ...just for more excitement...hopefully in the next race. if only hakkinen returned
    I always tell the truth. Even when I lie.

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    I think its really funny schumy keeps winning dispite the continual rule changes to try and stop him. its not his fault there is no one anywhere near his standard


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