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Thread: Where Am I Supposed To Post This?

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    I know, i know... Somebody's gonna go off on why these rules keep everything nice and tidy. But i have a question about my computer that's NOT Kazaa related. So, where should this post go?? Obviously not in the "related to kazaa" section. And, it's definitly not a verified. And i'm not a guest, so why would i post there. Now, there is a spot that does fit.... sorta.

    General Problems and Questions. ( reply only )
    Having troubles with your computer that are unrelated to Kazaa Lite? Post it here.
    Any other questions or problems? Post them here.

    Notice the REPLY ONLY part... well, that rules that out.

    Maybe i'm crazy, My question is about a problem i'm having with a game... that i downloaded off of Kazaa... so maybe i could put it under any of those sections. Anyways seeing how I'm posting this in the lounge i might as well post my question too.

    I'm having a problem when playing Hitman 2. For no reason at all (that i can see at least) the game just closes out unexpectedly. No warning that the program has performed an illegal operation or anything. It just goes back to the desktop screen and it's not open anymore. Is this a bad file? A low resource problem? My OS is XP with 512 RAM and a Pentium 4 2.0 I did have Kazaa running at the time, along with ZoneAlarm, AIM, MSN messenger and a couple other small programs. Can anybody give me any suggestions?? Please feel free to move this post to wherever you guys see fit.

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    You could try shutting off your background programs before loading it. Depending on the quality of the rip (unless it's a disc image) you might be able to download/install patches for it. Make sure your DirectX and video card drivers are all up to date, too.

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    Your problem is with a game, so post it in Gameworld or ask a mod to move this thread there.

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    Like Lamsey said...

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    Get new ram, sounds like ur chip is jacked up

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    Lol happenned to me a few times. One of the reasons can be if you stand next to a lot of different kinds of dead troops, you get too many 'Pick up ...' option and 'Take clothes' options, which can cause the game to 'overload' and exit. Also, if you use the cheats too much, the game exits. It might also be a DirectX problem, but to my knowledge it isn't. Getting a better Gfx card will ensure that it won't exit, but you might not wanna waste the money...


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