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Thread: Ps2 Boot Cd

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    I downloaded and burnt a PS2 boot cd to play my backups. How do i use it. When i put it in it says insert a disk? Please help.


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    you will need a mod chip

    Edit: So pretty much theres no point for a burn't boot cd

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    so no matter what i 100% need a modchip to play backups?

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    only ways are with the swap methods (like a ps2 fliptop w/discs) or a modchip

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    I have a PS2 with a modchip, I can play PS2 DVD backups but not ps1.
    Can I use a PS2 Boot disc to play playstation backups?

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    You may be able to as long as your modchip will detect the boot disc and it's compatable with booting psone backups. I can't answer that one 100% cause my modchip boots everything. easy way to find out is find a boot disc thats able to boot psone backups and test it yourself.

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    whats with this magic swap program thats being sold around the net?

    what are swap methods????

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    There Swap magic discs you use them with the ps2 fliptop. So you buy a ps2 fliptop and they alot of times sell the swap discs with the fliptop as a combo. The newest version of swap discs are 3.0 and from what I know is way better then 2.0 or 1.0. here is a pic of the ps2 fliptop/swap magic disc

    There are other swap methods using gameshark and a few other thing but i don't know much about those methods. try searching on google for ps2 swap tricks


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