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Thread: How Do I Resume Dlding Incompleted File

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    i have been trying for the longest time to complete a "Home Depot" file for the longest time and with no success. Is there a way to get this file or do I just call it quits


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    if resume is supported on the file (which most of the time it is) then just go find the file again on hopefully the same channel you got the first part on, and just start re-downloading it. if it has the same filename, it will automatically prompt you to: resume, overwrite, or rename. just click on resume, it will verify the part you already have, and hopefully start downloading again

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    thanks for the reply bud, bit check this i have been searching for the longest time but with no success at all. i guess i should keep trying maybe i will get lucky.


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    make sure you resume from the same bot , or else the file will be corrupt.


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