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Thread: Alcatel Speed Touch Home Adsl Owners

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    hiya ,

    well some one posted this web site a while back and i was browsing it and found instructions to change your home type adsl modem into the pro version

    this is only for alcatel speed touch home adsl users,this works for most countries , i live in oz and it worked for me

    all you need to know from your isp is the
    primary dns
    the vpi
    and the vci

    just ring your isp b4 you start and get that info and it works fine

    Note this also works for thompson speedtouch home

    i have done this and it rocks, turns my crappy single port adsl modem into something i can use well , includes routing features and a web style interface for controling your modem

    here you can upgrade the pro model to the 510 model , which gives you upnp support, good for msn messenger video and netmeeting connections

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    atiVidia's Avatar ^would've been cool.
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    right about now i wish i lived in europe

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    this works for most countries , i live in oz and it worked for me

    i edited the top post with the settings you need for just about any country

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    just to let you know , im on 512/128

    and this has improved my average download speed from about 45 kb/s
    to 52kb/s average

    i dont know exactly why its done this but hey 7kb/s extra is fine by me


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