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Thread: Folktales

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    Does anyone have a good online resource of various folktales? I'm specifically looking for tales relating to the sea (as the entire seafaring tradition has a lot of tales around it). My collection's a little short on sea-stories, and I've already got the Rime of the Ancient Mariner, so that's not needed.

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    The ancient Mariner has been illustrated
    by a few -Majorally Famous Artists 20century-
    so could still be interesting to for to see different prints of it.
    cant remember their names though......Dore?

    Joseph Conrad was a sailor -HeartofDarkness (apocalypsenow)
    DHLawrence-wrote a few great short stories about boat trips, people marooned on islands
    (typical theme- 2/3 people out of nowhere on boat-storm-truth twist comes out)


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