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Thread: How Do I Make A Hash

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    good morning all
    i have a new porn film that might be of some intrest to the uk members its called "filthy club reps" starring 2 girls from the show " club reps" called rachael and vannessa with the porn star cathy barry,any way i have the full uncut version and also the full dvd cover i would like to share this with you all but i dont know how to make a hash for it so any help would be helpfull

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    Pinned to the top of the Movieworld section is a string titled How to use sig2dat. The sig2dat info is what you need to follow, very simple and you once you have read it I would assume your questions will be resolved and PORN will be present in your next post under PORN ADults Only String. Good luck, very easy print it out and follow step by step.

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    sorry about that i should read more carfully


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