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Thread: Saving Pictures As .jpg

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    for some reason paint won't save as .jpg anymore, very weird. any ideas?

    if not does anyone have a sig of paint shop pro?
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    my paint does that as well, or should i say doesnt do that. i havt a clue how to fix it though so i just use paint shop pro and that works fine, as for a hash just do a search for it on the forum, but change the past 30 days bit and you will find it no problem.


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    Originally posted by DarthInsinuate@14 March 2003 - 09:03
    if not does anyone have a sig of paint shop pro?
    Do what I always do: download shareware and make it freeware. :-"

    Download Paint Shop Pro 7.0 here.
    Crack is available at (for educational purposes only, of course).

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    simple do not get any updates for works like service packs that is the cause of the problem


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