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Thread: Games - Errors

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    SYMOTO 2
    :helpsmile: HI!:
    Please, I want know if there are some way to correct applicantions with errors of the category CRC.. that appears when extracting it.
    Thanks in advance
    Sábado, 24-Abril-2004 - [GMT -3 00] 17 : 16 hs

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    i use isobuster from by smart projects (just do a search in google for isobuster)

    it can sometimes repair some gaps/errors in zip.rar files. its not 100% though - and you may find more often than not youll have to download the files again - sodding annoying but sometimes necessary.

    where did you get the files from? personally irc has been 100% reliable for me, and bittorent has been pretty good aswell. k-lite seems shit for game rips, but sometimes you can get working iso's (try

    hope that helps, all the best with it
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