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Thread: Results With Kazaa Lite

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    Hi. I have a problem. Like described above, when I use kazaalite, I have trouble finding anykind of files on Fastrack network clients(kazaalite or imesh light). I get few results and when I try to download most of them, it says no sources or remotely queued. I have a router but I don't know if it could change anything since I can download perfectly from bittorrent or mirc. Help me please!!!!

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    1)have you tried jumping supernodes?

    2) in klite options>filter uncheck "filter files that i cannot download due to firewall."

    3) Have you forwarded your port and used kanat?

    try those options, and see if everything works

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    klite is not bittorrent is it boss??

    next don&#39;t assume all programs are different and just because they are p2p2 no 2 are alike.

    for klite with a router you need to forward your port and then get kanat


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