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Thread: Brush With Fame

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    My body is Adelaide but my heart is in Bosnia
    Ok people..anyone who has met a celebrity please report here and tell us about

    your brush with fame...

    Were they total a$$holes or really nice ?? It doesn't matter if they were A,B or C

    grade celebrities!!


    My stories:

    I met Fabrizio Moretti from the strokes when they were in Adelaide for the Big Day Out which was the best day of my life by far...

    Anyhow, he was walking down a street in the city centre with Nikolai and me and my friends went upto him and just started chatting. He was soooooooo GORGEOUS !! damn Drew Barrymore !!!

    We did most of the talking but he answered all of our questions and ye.. REALLY COOL guy over all...

    We asked him if he could be a fruit what fruit would he be?? And he said, I think we're all fruits but i haven't figured which one i am yet...

    Just one of the many questions we asked..

    And we also saw the black eyed peas having dinner but didnt speak to them..

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    Originally posted by MalaDzen@25 April 2004 - 11:58
    And we also saw the black eyed peas having dinner but didnt speak to them..
    Having dinner with Black Eyed Peas. I can see a lot of similar replies coming. The list is endless. Prefab Sprout, Jam, Humble Pie etc.
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    i meet method man, rza and ol dirty bastard in a barber shop in queens
    i forgot his name but he&#39;s a big car company owner here in new york
    lee i coca that&#39;s def not how u spell his name but sound it out and that&#39;s it
    and my uncle who&#39;s famous for blues and jazz music .


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