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Thread: Original Half Life

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    i downloaded a rip of half life from years ago, and it works fine (ie it unzips and installs fine), but i fancied playing through the game again beofre half life 2.

    the problem is its bloody unstable (im running xp). the best ive got out of it is a couple of minutes play, before it either freezez, boots you out, or restarts the pc

    is there an xp patch out and about? ive looking on the official site without much success (i appreciate its an older game now but still...)?

    if so could someone give me a link, hash? or a site that specialises in older cracks/patches?

    it would be greatly appreciated. i would think its the original half life by the way, rather than the 4 disc generations release inc all the expansions. the file is only 200mb zipped you see

    cheers for any help in advance
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    it shouldn&#39;t need any xp patch cos it runs fine under it...


    DOWNLOAD steam it will redownload HL for you and i assure you it will work
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