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Thread: Where Can I Get Movie Subs

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    i have a foreign film ( Irreversible ) in the french language.

    Iam looking for subtitles or even an english audio track for the film.

    IS it possible to download such a thing and where would one go to get it?????

    If u know Please be so kind as to tell me.

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    i had a feeling ud be the first to responce when i saw u online just now. thanks for comming to me rescue. i shall check this site out.

    pl.. is the monica bellusshi u have for ur avatar??????? coz the resembelance is unbeleavable if its not.

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    It's Katja Schuurman (dutch)

    link 18+

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    shes really beautiful...but check out the resemblance.

    btw: i found the sub. although with a film like Irreversible u dont really need one to understand it coz of the powerfull presence of great acting and story telling. but atleast now i'l know all the unimportant things. thanks

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    Also: [*********]

    [EDIT] Link removed.

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    thanks a lot for that darth sushi. after clicking on that link u recommended a ton of porn site windows decided to pop up on me not to mention i got attacked with a trojan virus ( which i hope my anti_virus software has fixed)

    but im sure u didnt mean it (i hope). u shouldnt really be recommending sites which have spyware and mallicious viruses. im assuming u havnt been to that site for a while otherwise u would know about the virus or or u have been to that site recently and u dont mind the trojan attacking ur system. i for one do.

    note to users: do not click on the above link ( ) unless ur are protected up the neck with AV programs firewall spyguard adaware mru blaster and spybot. otherwise u could land urself in a lot of problems.

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    My apologies. I don't have popup problems because I use supertrick (hosts file). Unfortunately, I thought the site was clean since I can't see any popups with supertrick installed. Once again, I'm sorry and I removed the link.

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    no worries wasnt anybodies fault except those goddam virus creators..glad u removed the link before others start complaining about it

    {I}{K}{E} recommendations is good enough for the subs:


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