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Thread: Monitor Display Problem

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    Here's the situation:

    Friend just bought a BenQ V511 15" Monitor.The problem? The wording below the icons would "tremble", flicker, and basiclly the whole desktop is shaking in a "wavely" manner - all this is happening, only after he installs his ATi Radeon 7000 64 mb Video Card, and sets the screen resolution to 1024/768 pixels.Screen is ok at 800/600 pixels before setting it to 1024/768 - but if he sets it to 1024/768, and then sets it back at 800/600 - it'd still flicker etc.Drivers and DirextX have been updated.Refresh Rate is currently set to the default 65Hz, we tried increasing it to 75Hz - no changes.

    Is it a problem with the Video card or monitor itself? I might try his PC on my LG monitor, and see if my LG would flicker etc...though, give me your opinion on this.

    PC Specs:

    Intel 2.4 GHz
    ATi Radeon 7000 64 MBs
    256MBs ram
    Etc etc

    Thanks in advance.

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    try updating the video drivers.

    once youve done that, set the monitor to 1024*768 and set the refresh rate to the highest you can set it to.

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    dude... get a better video card I had a ati 7000
    its crap.
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    The driver has been updated, I also tried my LG monitor on his pc - display is still flickering, so I guess it must be the Video Card.

    Anyway, thanks for everyone's reply.I have just successfully persuaded my friend to give up, and get an ATi Radeon 9800 XT - I mean, ATi Radeon 7000? .


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