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Thread: Emule

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    When i fist downloaded emule it was brilliant loads of serves all the files i wanted. Then my dad changed my modem (i have broadband) and something weird happend when i click connect it hasnt got any serves its says fails making another pass. my internet is ok everythings fine but my emule is messed up!

    can any1 help?


    mark :helpsmile:

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    Out of The Ordinary
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    Serverlist is up to date? Firewall? Version of eMule?


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    lol... im sorry im not very techniqual? wot do u mean?


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    latest version i earsed it and downloaded it again from emule projext site because i thought there might be an error. i dont have any firewalls on my pc? i think i need to get a new list maybe like u said. but i dnt understand why they would all just go

    i want my emule back


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