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Thread: Audio/video Sync

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    Can anyone help me: I have a few film where the audio video is out of sync, in some cases it is very minor in others it is major. Is there a programme for adjusting the the sync. The films are in DIVX and or XVID

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    first of all make sure you have the latest codec pack installed

    second what specs is your comp , eg speed ram ect

    what are you watchin the movies with , eg windows media player ect

    if you are using wmp

    try using another player

    ether videolan or bsplayer

    more info plz

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    My puter is a Pentium III
    333mbts of ram
    ASUS 6000 video card
    internet connection broadband

    I use the ASUS media player, but have tried windows media and others

    I have the latest codecs

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    try using videolan, it will confirm if its a codec issue you have , as videolan uses its own filters to play not the codecs pack

    here is the download for videolan

    choose the icon that says windows

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    DDL =

    ghay rule #41

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    there i fixed it , another silly rulz, man its a zip file and it obviously comes from the right place, eg by the link address , but i will conform to the wishes of the mods


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