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Thread: License Aquisition...what Is This?

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    Im triying to do a preview play of Dawn of the Dead 2004, but it gives me a pop-up saying: License Aquisition, and it doesn work properly: i cant click on 'OK'.

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    well alot of people seem to be downloading, and sharing MS's DRMmed filled trailers
    quicktime trailers are better, but they still aren't the full deal.
    i would delete it, add .wma .wmv and .asf to your search filters, and then download the VCD version.

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    If it is a teaser or a trailer nevermind it then.

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    Originally posted by Kurdminator@26 April 2004 - 18:14
    If it is a teaser or a trailer nevermind it then.
    oops srry I thought you were talking about trailers


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