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Thread: Playin Diablo Ii..... And *cough*

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    Oct 2003
    I downloaded the game right (3 CD's 1.6Gb +)

    and from what i can see the graphics are barely withstandable... well at least thats what i think... i thought the game would be way better looking that diablo 1 but they look the same ( i didnt bother playing diablo 1)

    i am currently playing diablo II at the present to burn up spare time.... what did you guys think when you's played it?

    i need some help also.... im trying to find out where this chick is.... Andariel i think her name is (in Act 1 lol)

    where the fuck is she.!!! where are the barracks/jail/inner cloist etc... i swear i have walked the entire map over...

    p.s i am a necromanic (or whateva they are called.... and i am getting addicted to this game....but i hate the graphics!! )

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    May 2003
    The game is old, what do you expect from the graphics?

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    Which resolution are u using? 640 x 480 or 800 x 600?

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    Thats what I was thinking the games pretty old. at the time the graphic were pretty good not great because of the style they choose for the game but still a great game IMO.

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    What were you expecting, Far Cry?

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    Dude, the game is awesome -- my fav as of now. Its not about the graphics tho, plus its old.

    From what I hear u r fairly in the beginning and you have not grasped the game yet -- kep playing and advancing and then ull see that it is a very RPG/action elemets game. Haven found anything better in the genre.

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    Oct 2003
    of course i know that its OLD!

    but still you would think ther would be some improvement from the first 1. Anyhoo im really starting to get into this game. could sum1 answer my question about Andariel. I dont know how to get to the Catacomb place


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