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Thread: Windows Xp Log On Screen

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    When i turn on my pc I have my xp account with a password and i always logged on when i put my password and click on go it loads my stuff but it takes too long is there anything i can do it has never took so long please help me someone?! :helpsmile:

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    You have to much stuff running in your computer try defragging and goto this site and try to find something good to reduce that type of problem found it somewhere.

    Good luck .
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    There are a number of things you can do to speed up your boot times.

    -Clean your prefetch
    -Reduce the number of services/applications that load with Windows
    -Run Bootvis to reorder your boot files
    -Separate your less frequently used programs into another partition so they don't load with Windows
    -on and on and on

    You can browse through TweakXP for more suggestions...
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