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Thread: Need More Disk Space?

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    Finally someone made a Safe list of things deletable

    There are a lot of "junk" you can delete in windows folder if you do not need them.

    Tour Files
    The folder "C:\Windows\Help\Tours" contain the Windows XP tour and maybe even Windows Media

    Player. Those files are not needed for normal operations. Delete the entire contents of the

    folder. The only side effect that I know is that you won't be able to "have a tour".

    Downloaded Installations
    The folder "c:\Windows\Downloaded Installations" contains *.msi files that are unneeded
    (from my point of view). Usually if you install powertoys for XP, there will be installation

    packages saved in the folder.

    Document Templates
    The files in "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Templates" can be safely deleted if you do

    not need the document templates. Templates are also found in "C:\Windows\ShellNew" and

    "C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Templates". Use TweakUI for XP to delete the items found

    in the "New" submenu when you right click on the desktop. This may speed up the showing of

    the submenu.

    Search assistants
    Search assistants ( animated characters which show up during a search ) are found in

    "C:\Windows\srchasst\chars\". Delete the *.ACS files if you do not want them. Can also be

    found in "C:\WINDOWS\msagent\chars". I would recommend leaving at least one character


    Unused Screen Savers
    Delete the *.SCR files in C:\Windows\System32 that you do not want.
    The following is the list of default screen savers.

    Delete unused cursors in C:\Windows\Cursors
    Start RegEdit and go to the key

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Control Panel\Cursors\Schemes
    . From there, you can delete the schemes that you do not want. Values such as "3D White" and

    "3D Bronze" can be safely deleted. The cursor files used in the schemes are stored in the

    values. Find out the cursor files and wipe them out. I would recommend leaving "Windows

    Default" alone though.

    Wallpapers and User Accounts Pictures
    Picture files are huge and you can safely remove them when not needed.
    The wallpapers are found in the following folders:
    "C:\Windows\"  .BMP files

    User Accounts Pictures:
    "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\User Account

    Pictures\Default Pictures"

    Misc Log Files
    The following log files can be safely removed:
    "C:\Windows\Windows Update.log"
    "C:\Windows\imsins.log"    (Outlook express log???)

    Log Files are also generated when you install updates from windows updates site.
    The files KB??????.log and Q??????.log (each ? means a digit) in windows directory can be

    deleted though I do not know the possible consequences. Maybe uninstallation of updates are

    not possible as a result of deleting. I have deleted the files long ago and no problems so


    *.WAV files in C:\Windows\Media can be "compressed", by using sound recorder in accessories

    and re-saving the sound files in lower quality. Experiment with the various formats.
    I would recommend changing the format to 22.050 kHz, 8 bit Stereo. You can cut down a WAV

    file size by half. This will at most save about 1 MB of disk space.
    You can use "Sound and Audio Devices" control panel applet to delete event sounds.
    Source -

    Need More Space? See this but with Caution -

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    In the time it took you to delete all that...I could've had a 120 GB Hard Drive
    installed/programed/ and functioning.

    I bet you didn't back up your registry!!!

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    How much diskspace does it actually free?
    I'm not going to messs with my settings for a merely 3MB or something like that



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