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Thread: Internet Explorer Problem...

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    mkay, so here goes: when i start up IE, it takes me to "C:\searchpage.html" no matter what i change my homepage too, it always takes me right back to this page. i deleted this page, started up IE, it tells me it cannot find "C:\searchpage.html" and then i cant do anything until i close it. when i close it, however, it places that file back into my C: drive, and the whole thing gets repeated... i uninstalled and reinstalled IE, i ran Spybot and Ad-Aware, got rid of whatever, but nothings helping.
    also, if i type into the address bar, say "", it then tells me this: "You try to go to the
    For visit this site follow this link: HTTP://
    or type in full url (including HTTP://) in the adress bar."
    what the hell? any help is muchly appreciated, thanks a lot

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    check and scan for a Browser Hijacker

    you can use spybot or ad aware

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    Try HijackThis and CWShreder from

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    pwn3d by spyware

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    thanks guys, i guess from now on i should scan with at least 5 spyware removers... stupid things...

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    ignore this post, sorry, got it to work, thanks again guys

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    Originally posted by PsychoTrooper@27 April 2004 - 00:10
    , i guess from now on i should scan with at least 5 spyware removers... stupid things... carefull what you install an where you go m8....

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    use a nother explorer

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    ok, im still having problems. now with IE, if i choose the Advanced tab in the Internet Options menu, there is nothing listed there... also, if i go to a IRC search site, when i click on the link, it allows me to open up that room, but it wont copy the commands for me... so i tried uninstalling and reinstalling again, and this is what i get:

    is there any way around this or what? and i do use another broswer, Opera, but my dad prefers IE, so I have to get this working correctly again... again, any help is greatly appreciated, thanks

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    did you run spysweeper like I told you, even gave you the link

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