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Thread: Do You Have To Use A Script

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    It seem to me that something so integral in IRC would be inlcuded in mirc, but any time I ask someone how to do it, they say get this scrip, or this one. All I want is to set up very simple xdcc triggers, I do not want the way that mirc looks or works to get messed up, like they all seem too. I tried invision, that made it black, I know it can be customized, but it is diffuclut when you are color blind, it also would not et me right click after, which was weird.

    I also tried som other script, and it ran as it's own thing, so any kind of integratin into windows did not work, like my favorite in IE to the only IRC channel that I use.

    I guess just wondering if there are any alternatives to scripts, and if not is there one that does this and only this, nothing else

    Edit: nevermind I got invision kinda set up how I want it.

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    I use mIRC Excursion to run XDCC/TDCC/FSERVE and the rest, recommend it


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