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Thread: Dialup Not Working In Emule 42e

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    Using 98SE 56k eMule 0.42e on 1.1gig athlon 512ram.
    When I load eMule it opens DUN & shuts it down immediatly.
    Sometimes it opens DUN & keeps on opening it till there are no recources left.
    All other app`s don`t have a problem with DUN.
    If I dial in first & then start eMule, no prob`s.
    Any IDEAS?.

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    erm , just dial in first mate , im sure thats why its not working , its cant connect straight away so it shits its self

    normaly you should connect you dial up b4 trying to launch any app that access the net mate , common practice

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    I`m on a 4hr limit ISP, so I have to sit up all nite dialing in?.
    It don`t work that way.
    Must be a BUG in 42e!!!!


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