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Thread: Internet Tweaks

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    I wanted to find some good tweaks to increase my dl/up speeds. Mainly my upload I can get up to 450 kB/s down and 30 kB/s up. Thanks for any help.

    I read on another forum about "uncapping" your cable modem to drastically increase you speeds but you have a very good chance of getting caught. Anyone know of anyways to do it but only slightly. Like bring my upload speed to 50-60 kB/s.
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    Its pointless hackin your cable m8 as your isp will just cancel your contract.

    There isnt much you can tweak for speed wise..try this o m8...

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    There are tools and guides to uncap your modem that I've found on BitTorrent, but in the end it has to do with your modem. There may not be an uncapping driver for it.

    You can tweak your registry for better management of your speed. Check out TCP Optimizer

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