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Thread: Horrid Norton Activation

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    Ok got hold of NPF2004 as id just setup a new install OS etc etc, and lost my old firewall. Now I find the activation code that came with it doesnt work nor will it let me try the usual method of being offline at the time i activate. I used to be happy with NPF but now its ticking me off and fast. SO can someone please either throw me some locations to find working activation codes or suggestions on an alternative firewall that aint gona crap out after 15 days??
    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Originally posted by feygan@27 April 2004 - 14:50
    SO can someone please either throw me some locations to find working activation codes
    Not allowed to do that (board rules) but I find Sygate pretty good (scroll down to the free one at the bottom).

    Or get the others and search google for cracks then once you find a good site bookmark it (can I say that? )

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    outpost firewall is good , its easy to use and not bulky on yer system

    thing i realy like about outpost is i can easily see what programs are using what ports , and thus makes it easy to port forward for my router

    and the pro version has some nice plugins

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    I concur Sygate is the best. And I am quite satisfied with the free version.

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    i read an article a few weeks ago that zone alarm is the most secure firewale on the market at the moment passing ALL security tests carried out on it. norton coming in at 4th/5th failng a few minor/major tests.
    ppl always say this firewall is good and that firewall is good but dont give a reason for it.

    u can get zone alarm at sprnova site ( am i allowed to say that??? )

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    I recently switched over to Symantec's Client Firewall and Client Anti-virus (corp versions) for NT systems and registration/activation is simply not necessary or required. In fact my LiveUpdate subscription appears to not even have an expiration date to contend with.

    Izzy is happy with his new toys. B)

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    there are activation engines for norton u kno. i used 1 on norton AV 2004

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    norton = teh lose

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    Originally posted by muchspl2@27 April 2004 - 19:48
    norton = teh lose
    i think what the monkey means is its not that good.

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    Indeed. Just because Norton USED to make a good antivirus doesn't mean they know anything about a firewall. It's obtrusive, bloated, a resource hog, and just plain sux. Get a router, friend. Or you can make one, either temporary or not. Live Disks for temporary. Ahh, the beauty of *nix.

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