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Thread: Lotr - Return..

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    check out this site ...
    for the movie its got 3 fiules !!!
    which one is the actual movies ???
    do i have to dlld them all ????

    sharethefiles-lotr return

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    3 files makes up the movie (about an hour each)

    edit: havn't checked out the site properly but I'd still recommend Suprnova - go to the search section

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    yep thats the one , the brutus rip is great, its xvid with ac3 audio

    you might have a few problms converting it to dvd , as part 2 audio is a little screwed up and needs to be demuxed and fixed with besweet before you can author

    but apart from that brutus is the best of the rips i have seen

    i got mine from mirc , but i suppose it dont matter as long as its the real brutus rip its all good


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