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Thread: Local Area Network Fire Walls?

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    when i look at my LAN connections it says its firewalled.. I have my filesharing enabled in my internet options but im wondering if im having trouble downloading because my LAN is fire walled....and if it is how can i change it ...i use windows XP.

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    right click on your lan connection and choose properties

    click on the advanced tab

    untick the enable fire wall

    see if it helps

    if you are on a lan you might need to port forward to get good speeds
    check out that post it might help

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    You must have the XP firewall mentioned active, but it doesn't cause any problems except disabling simple file sharing. It's not even a full firewall. It protects against RPC attacks such as the blaster worm and other crap. So, if you don't want to share files with other machines on a network, just keep it p. It should be up even if you have a seperate firewall or router.

    I highy recommend a router or hardwarefirewall. What I did was take an old piece of junk computer and install a version of Linux that's non-graphical to serve as my firewall/router. Smoothwall is good, and easy to find. DistroWatch allows you to easily find many distros of Linux, including ones that don't need to install, Live Disks. You can then forward ports by going to watever simple website interface it uses.

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    If it&#39;s enabled...Blubster won&#39;t work either


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