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Thread: Spooky Stories

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    Share spooky stories that happened to you related to the supernatural such as ghosts, aliens, spirits, poltergeists, that ouija board crap I keep hearing about, and some other weird stuff that I can't remember right now.

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    has this ever happened to any of u guys??

    so one day i was walking down the street and a black cat walked in front of me. i jumped up and thought immediately "somethin fucked up is gonna happen soon". then, I kept walking and realized i just walked under a ladder. oh no! i look up at the guy on the ladder and he was holding the black cat. weird i thought. then he yelled "hope it tastes good! ahahaha!" and then he vanished in a thick cloud of smoke. however,
    the cat didnt vanish and it turned green and then fell to the ground with a splat! Uhg! :x looking at the mess, i noticed the cat had then turned purple! i walked away freaked out of my mind. then i got home and lay on my bed wondering what the fuck just happened. the phone rang and it was my friends voice: "doesnt it seem fucked up?" then i put my hand in my pocket and pulled out the remaining plastic bag. OH YEAH, i had a couple of shrooms just before and they were kickin in! :beerchug: thinking everything was just normal now and i had imagined the cat and all, i go to sleep. The next morning i hear my mom yell "Get ready for breakfast!" so i lay for a couple more minutes to clear my head up and then stroll to the dinner table (the merchandise has lost its effect by now). i sit down and look at the strange concoction on the plate, it looked a little green. ah what the hell, im hungry so i move the fork to my mouth, and as it gets closer, its starts to look a little purple, but anyways i take the bite. my father and sister have already wolfed down their meal. Then my mom turns around and with an evil face yells "hope it tastes good! ahahaha!" and my dad says, "yeah i found this on the way home from work last night in the middle of the road. I didnt want it to go to waste." :x i hurled right on the table. "Ugh! whats your problem?" says my sister as she takes down her last bite.

    (youre probably wondering did all this really happen? no. but at least u read this far.)

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    what, u dont like my story? no?

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    no it is just weird... your a very weird person lol
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